Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 2014

For Our Reflection

While writing an article for our newsletter I happen to saw this picture on five Rules to live a Happier life. I told myself maybe I could use this to help us in our reflection for this new year.
The picture which is showing a hand in counting position from one to five gives the five rules to live a happier life. 
1. Love yourself
2. Do Good
3.Always forgive
4. Harm no one
5. Be positive
As we start the new year, we always hope that we will be blessed and will be happy. We can be happier only if we start with something positive within ourselves. I believe that the rules above will give us a clue on living a happier life.  Maybe if we start to follow these rules we will be sharing not only happiness but peace to one another.

Happy New Year  Everbody

Congratulations Thess and Ed 

"This is it, Finally my dream come true ...Our Wedding day at Shirakawa Catholic Church .,Dec.7,2013 ..A Beginning for a new chapter of my life.."

Congratulation to Thess and Kuya Ed on their wedding in Shirakawa Church. Fathers Harnoko and Takana officiated the mass. When i had my mass last time in Shirakawa, they were already talking about the wedding plans but have not decided for that date. Am very glad that Fr. Harnoko and Fr. Tanaka were available for their wedding.  The community were together to pray and celebrate with Thess and Ed on this special day.

Osaka University Student Home Stay in Ofunato and Rikuzen Takata

HOMESTAY FROM OSAKA It was last December 21 , when college students from Osaka, homestayed with us. Their purpose was to study the dedication and hardship of Kokkusai Kekkon. Six students arrived from Osaka . Three members stayed in Takata and three stayed in Ofunato. As for Takata, according to them, they enjoyed staying in Rosemarie Miura's apartment, Christine Sasaki's house and Rosalinda Nakanome's Kasetsu.Sharing their time with the children was very memorable. I think specially to Megumi Hara San , because she had a hardtime leaving Rosalinda's daughter. Actually, she and her friend extended her stay here 'til our christmas party. She joined the dance rehearsal that was performed last Dec. 24. 

Megumi san joining sa dance during the Christmas presentation

By: Marife Sugawara

Ofunato Church Christmas Party

Last Dec. 15. Sister Uchida together with the two other sister celebrated a Christmas party for the children in Ofunato. After the mass the children gathered in the Kindergarten hall for their Christmas party. There were around 30 children who were gather together. I ask Rose Marie Miura what happened and she wrote me this

"last dec 15 start cla sa prayers,games(card&bingo) then kainan after that may slide show shoe maker na ojisan nanaginip na nagpakita si Jesus sa kanya. Parang sinubukan yun ojisan kung tutulungan nya yung mga nangangailangan. Yung mga bata serious sa panonood. After that nag prayer at kumanta ng Christmas songs then nagbigay si Fr. Haru gift for Sis. Uchida. Si Sis. Uchida naman nagbigay ng gift sa mga bata minna yorokonda."

It was indeed a joyful gathering of the children in Ofunato Church and we hope to continue the tradition.   

Hachinohe Mass and Baptism

Last Dec. 7 Fr. Haru celebrated the mass in Hachinohe and baptism.  It was indeed a good way to celebrate Christmas together and baptism in the community.  Fr. Sato concelebrated in the mass which was attended by around 50 Filipinos and Japanese. 

Christmas Celebration and Charity Concert for Yolanda Victims in Shinjo Catholic Church

I had a a chance to meet the Filipinos in Shinjo Catholic Church and was able to celebrate mass with them.  I am very happy they most of the people in the Church were Filipinos who are managing the church.  I also got to meet some trainees in the area who are working in Hitachi company. They were the first group of trainees sent in the area. Three of them were helping ni the Church for the choir and some errands.

After the mass there was a charity concert for the victims of typhoon in the Philippines. According to Fr. Honma there were nine Filipinos whose family are in Tacloban and had lost their houses. 


Christmas Celebrations in the Community

I randomly selected some pictures of the Christmas celebrations in different community. Here are some of them;

Iwaki Catholic Church

Hirosaki Community

Hawak Kamay Christmas Party

Kessenuma Christmas Party

I hope we had a joyful Christmas celebration and we hope the the new year will bring more blessing to each and everyone of us.