Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 2015

For Our Reflection

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Epiphany is the feast on which we celebrate the fact that all people are sons and daughters of God.
The wise men who pay homage to Jesus stands for all the people in the world. That is symbolized in the custom of presenting them as members of different races.
Through out history, we humans have been exclusionist. Sometimes we have gone beyond exclusion to outright persecution. For some reason or other, or no reason at all, we view people who differ from us as remote from us.
The less we know about them, the more we believe stereotypes and fictions, and then act upon those misconceptions.

Today, the Church says that Christians cannot follow the way of the world in this matter. Today we see that God’s offer of salvation in Christ, God’s love, is not limited by colored shapes on a map. Anyone and everyone is welcome. It need not have been that way. After all, Jesus is the Messiah promised to Israel. He came to a particular people in a particular time. He may not have been what they were expecting, but he was certainly theirs. All of theology could have been taught from a book titled Advanced Salvation for the Jews, and the rest of us would have had no right to complain.
But, God issued an invitation to the whole world to join in the new People of God. That is what today’s Gospel story tells us. Easterners, that is, strangers and pagans, came to worship.
Not only did they come, but they were led by a star of God. God not only welcomed them, God wanted them there.

Its unfortunate that we have settled on three as the number of those who came. The Gospel does not give any number. i think that we should represent today’s feast with a long procession of people stretching beyond our sight and time.
It shouild include all the wise men and women whom God has called to see the divine glory present among us in a man born some two thousand years ago to a Jewish mother. 

In other words, everybody.

So should we go running out to buy more statuettes for our Christmas creches? Should we add airplanes and autos to the camels, and men and women of all ages and place to our three kings?
Perhaps we should, since what we see influences what and how we believe.

But, we are called to more by today’s feast.
We are called to be the Stars of Bethlehem, leading men and women to Christ.
The chief vocation of the Church is to proclaim the Good News to all nations. How do i share in that great vocation?
All of us are called to be missionary in our day-to-day lives.

Fukushima Ken

Noda Machi Church

Last December 7, we had our Tagalog mass in Noda Machi at 3 pm. The group came to the mass after the workshop with the Fukushima International Association on living healthy and some tips on how to stay healthy this winter. We were supposed to have some baptism after the mass but due to some emergency situation the family were not able to come for the baptism. After the mass, the group had their meeting for the year end activities and some planning for next year.

Shirakawa Block Rosary

We had our block rosary and mass in Shirakawa Catholic Church last Dec. 6.  After the mass, we gathered together in Hoshi san's house for rosary and some salo salo. Most of the members of the group are preparing for the Japanese Proficiency exam and we offer the mass and rosary for this occasion.

Iwaki Catholic Church Christmas Gathering

Every Dec. 23, we have our Christmas celebration in Iwaki Catholic Church. This year there were around 60 people who gathered to celebrate Christmas together.  We were lucky to have our guitarist with us who really make an effort to practice for the songs of our mass. Actually we were expecting a few attendance this year, but some companies allowed our community members to be present for the mass.


Ofunato Church Celebrates 60th Anniversary

60th Anniversary party of our Catholic Church Stella Marris at Ofunato Plaza Hotel yesterday Dec.6.2014,6:30 pm.With the special presence of our respect Bishop Hiraga,Fumi Terada,Dr.Yamaura,Fr Edgar Gacutan and the rest of our shinja san.Thanks be to God for the great and warm celebration.Pls...God bless us all always.

Mizusawa Catholic Church 

Fr. Edgar celebrated the mass in Mizusawa Catholic Church. 

Ichinoseki Community
We would like to thank for the samahang pilipino PAIJ for they support and the launched for this wonderful participation each of us. 😇 at ichinoseki nanohana plaza for the presentation.. 😇. I just want to say thank you so much for our chairman Mila Mukai and her family of course her daugther for performing her talent. In behalf of that we would like to thank for all the filipinos attending our christmas party ... And of course our staff for the cooperation .. And to all our visitors .. Who are mentioned by our chairman A pleasant thankful and more blessings to come and god bless us always 😇 Mabuhay tayong lahat.

Christmas Kai in Ofunato

ミサのあと 子どものつどいです。海の星保育園に 子どもたちの クリスマス会をおこなわれました。A special thanks to sister Yoshimura,sis .Uchida,sis Miyasawa, sis Yoshida,for their warm support.salamat din sa mga mommies na dumating.

Ofunato's Christmas Celebration

We do celebrate our christmas mass every December 24 ,6:30 PM. Since this is a very

special occasion , not in the church but , we used the yochen as a venue for that day. This year

22 members from Pagasa with their children attended the mass, ofcourse excluding the japanese

catholics. This is the only day ,wherein you can see faces only once a year. But still , being with

them makes christmas here in our church , very special.

After Fr.Edgar celebrated the mass, and after the gift giving to the children, our christmas

party came after. Here same with the other churches , we shared stories , we ate together ,then

program . This year , we gave time more on bingo games ( children were more excited ),

then dance number from Pagasa children with their moms and a dance nos. from chili by

Hortensia. Program were lesser this year , so we ended at exact time as we intended. Once a year

event that we should give time, for its' the “Lord's” special day.

By:Marife Sugawara


Hachinohe Catholic Church

Last December 14, we celebrated our English mass in Hachinohe Catholic Church. During the mass we had a baptism of Ishioka Mario kun. After the mass we had a simple Christmas party. Even in a heavy snow, there are some 50 to 60 of us who gathered together for the mass and to celebrate Christmas party together.

Hirosaki Community Christmas Party

Post of Devie after the Christmas party of the community
Good Morning po sa inyong lahat especially sa mga dumalo ng mas Party kagabi 皆さん お疲れ様です‼napakasaya po ng mas party natin kagabi , nais ko rin pong pasalamatan ang mga taong nanggaling pa sa malayong lugar at sa mga taong tumulong para maging succesful ang party natin , sa New Manila Owner's and staff maraming salamat po sa mahabang oras na ibinigay ninyo , Ate Vivian Narumi , Charmie Mabelle Paredes 本当に ありがとうございます‼at sa mga frend's tnxs tlga ng marami , hope all of us enjoy the party. God Bless you all and Advanced Merry Christmas to all of you...


Sendai Community Christmas Party

Some pictures of Christmas gathering in Sendai Community.

Minami San Riku Christmas Celebration

Ishinomaki Christmas Gathering

We gathered together last December 25 in Ishinomaki Church to celebrate the mass together with the Christians in Ishinomaki. Fr. Aizu prepared some gifts for us and for the children. After the mass, we bless the cars of each one who attended the mass.