Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2013 Newsletter

For Our Reflection


This day is a great occasion. It is the celebration of all celebrations, the feast of all feasts, the centerpiece of the Church year. There is much to feel good and joyful about this day. Our Lenten observance has come to an end and we can finally proclaim, “Alleluia, Christ is risen. The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia!”

Easter celebrate the victory of light over darkness, of life over death. We join Christ in passover, as we renew the baptism and receive the baptism. This celebration is a continuation of showing Christ power on each one of us so as we are strengthened and renewed in our faith life. We are again guided to re enter the Way of Christ on Easter as we journey to the fulness of our life of faith in Him.

Praise God for bringing out life in death, for bringing out light out of darkness,  for bringing hope out of disaster, newness out of stale. 
Praise Christ!!! 


First Communion Celebration

Eight children had their first communion last March 31 during the Easter celebration mass.  Sister Uchida, a salesian sister, had helped in their preparation for this event. Sister Uchida who came all the way from Tokyo once a month to have a sunday school for the children during our Tagalog mass in Ofunato was very happy herself for the children.
As the children receives Christ on this wonderful day, we pray  that they will deepen their faith and put importance to the celebrating the mass. Congratulation to all of you and thank you Sister Uchida for your unending support for the children here in Ofunato Church.

March 11 Commemoration Activities and Recollection

Fukushima Area - Shirakawa Church

March 24, we wrap up the commemoration activities of March 11 commemoration and prayer service with a Palm Sunday celebration in Shirakawa church. This was attended by some 30 Filipinos from the Fukushima Shi, Koriyama, Sukagawa and Shirakawa churches.
We started with a talk on Lent and end with the re interpretation of their experiences of March 11  using the story of Emmaus (Luke 24 ). Erlyn from CTIC gave the introduction to set the mood for the event. After the sessions, we prepare for the Mass, Fr. Harnoko lead us to the celebration. Since it was also Palm Sunday, we blessed the palm before starting the mass. As a start of the Holy Week, we encourage each one to give importance to this once a year event. We hope that we will not let this week pass without trying to observe its holiness.

From Thess Blas Aguirre on her facebook wall

"I would like to Thank to all who attending the Mass last Sunday and to our Facilitator Father Antonius Haru and Father Garry Gestoveo without them walang iyakan at tawanan and also to CTIC ate Marilou Canlas Okuyama and ate Erlyn Regondon who gave us a touching and an inspirational talk ,and spiritual motivation and also to our special visitors Kaye DoriaFrank OcamposYukio YamaguchiKate Renn Castro, for spending your time and gave us some  information . We really appreciate all you have done and for taking your time to visit us. Hoping that this is not the last and we looking forward to repeat this again some time soon. We would love to see you all again..You have always been an Inspiration to us and Thank you for Guiding and Supporting us always here in Shirakawa We Hope that nabusog at napasaya nmin kayo sa aming munting salo salong naihanda . Kasi kayo di lamang nyo kami binusog Physically but most of all Spiritually and Mentally ... Again Thank you and to all my colleagues who are always there sabi nga ni maya Kapit bisig ganyan kami d2 sa aming samahan., Thank you guys !!! Have a Bless Holy Thursday !!!"

fellowship with the participants

one in praying to the Father

Home Helper Follow Up

attentively listening to each other

After almost half year when we start the home helper program, those who finished their studies had started to work in the different home for the Aged here in Ofunato and Rikuzen Takata. The thought of gathering them for sharing and follow up of their situation was of our concern. Last March 26, three of our home helper graduates and are already working had gather to share together their experiences. Their difficulties and their happiness rolled in one as they start to adjust to the work. Sarah Kinno and Jocelyn Sumigama who work together said that they draw strength from each other. Although the work is quite difficult, the support of the staff and the acceptance of the elderly with both of them had made them feel happy with their work. Saito Mayo san who works in another home for the elderly, felt that she is working to much. But she said, she will not just give up after all the struggles with studies to get the license as care giver. She felt very happy that what she learned during the studies are now being use in her work. Although there are this so much to learn. She looks forward for gathering like this so that she can share her stories to others who understands her situation.

We plan to have a monthly follow up and we hope to strengthen each other with our sharing.

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