Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2013 NewsLetter


How Much Do We Know About Pope Francis?

As I return to Manila preparing for my  return trip, I happen to pass by MST (MaryHill School of Theology)  and found out that they were offering mission study series for two days. 

One of the speakers, Bishop Ambo David, professor in Scriptures gave a talk on Biblical Guidelines for the year of Faith, and the New Evangelization. As Bishop Ambo was introducing his seminar, he asks us if we are familiar with the Cardinal Bergoglio`s (now Pope Francis)  pre-conclave speech.  I have no idea what the bishop was talking and so with bits of information i got, I  researched and looked for that speech.

Reading through the framework in the pre-conclave speech of  Pope Francis, I could  see that he is the person for the ministry in our time.

The Pope summarizes four points the he wished to share to his brother cardinals and so share his vision of the church in present time.

"The first of these points is on evangelization, and he says that "the Church must come out of herself and go to the peripheries" not only in a geographic sense, but also the existential, manifested in the mystery of sin, pain, injustice and ignorance, among others. 

The second point is a criticism of the "self-referent" Church, which looks to herself in a sort of "theological narcissism," which separates her from the world and "keeps Jesus Christ within herself and does not allow Him to go out."

As a consequence of this, there are two images of the Church according to point three of Cardinal Bergoglio's address: one is the "evangelizing Church that comes out of herself" and another is "the worldly Church that lives in herself, of herself, for herself." And this twofold consideration must "give light to the possible changes and reforms that must be made" in the Church. 

In his last point, Cardinal Bergoglio spoke to the cardinals about what he expected from the one who would be elected to lead the Church: "a man who, from contemplation of Jesus Christ ... will help the Church to come out of herself toward the existential peripheries.""

Evangelization is a continuous call for us, we are challenged to go and proclaim the Good News. Evangelization is a center of our faith life. We are called not only to be hearers of the Word, but  are challenged too to be proclaimers and witnesses of the Word.


Congratulations to our 15 Newly Graduates from Watari Church 

&Graduation ceremoniesがミサの中で行われました。





We were indeed very happy to celebrate the Thanksgiving and Graduation Ceremonies of the group from Watari Catholic Church after they had completed their studies as care-givers last April 27, 2013.

The thanksgiving and graduation ceremonies was attended by their sponsor from Caritas Japan, their Japanese teachers from CTVC - Caritas Haramach Base, Christians from Watari Church and their friends from Sendai City. Fr. Edgar Gacutan, the former CICM provincial superior, celebrated the mass and Fr. Antonius Harnoko, parish priest of Ofunato Catholic Church gave the certificate of completion to all the 15 graduates.

From November last year when they started their Japanese language study, to their schooling as helper in January and their actual training in February, they have been doing their best in between their busy schedules with their work, taking care of children, and writing their reports in Japanese. 

After the mass, they brought with them their best dishes for everybody to share and it was a great moment to enjoy the company of everyone and celebrate the success especially those who decided to work in one or two places in a care-giving homes near Watari.

This care-giving studies is not only to get skills  for themselves, but also be for their family, and the society where they are to give care to the growing number of elderly in the country.

By Aiko Hayashi, Sendai Support Center