Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 2013 NewsLetter

For Our Reflection

“Love is only a word, until we decide to let it possess us with all its force.
Love is only a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning." Paulo Cuelho

Having my short vacation gave me a time to read and enjoying too the company of my family and friends. I happen to grab a copy of my favorite author`s book Paulo Cuelho "Manuscript from Accra" and found the qoute above. While spending my time  in Maryshore Bukal ng Tipan for the seminar on New Evagelization. I was reflecting on these words while doing my morning walk. Indeed LOVE is only a concept, an idea until we express it to someone, until we give it and share it. 

As we are called to be disciples of Jesus, we are all challenged to reflect on these words. May we be bearers of God`s love to others. May we be like Jesus, who fully give himself to others through LOVE.

Faith in Action

Thank from our Friends in Nagoya

We are indeed happy that our friends from other parts of the Japan continue their support for us here in the area. Last March, we recieved gifts of toys and bags from Migrante-Nagoya.  Thank you so much for these things. It was also a time for us to meet our members and to know their present situations two years after the disaster. 

Hospital Sister of St. Francis Visits Ofunato

Last April 23, the Sisters who belong to the Congregation of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis paid a visit to Ofunato. The sisters who came from Japan, USA, Poland, Germany, India were having their meeting and pilgrimage to around Japan. The PAG ASA group welcome the sisters together with their parish priest.  Thank you so much and please always remember us in your ministry and prayers.

April 23, Tuesday, when 22 visitors from different countries visited Ofunato.They were nuns from
Poland,India,France,Spain, China,America and Japan.They visited 5 countries and Japan is One of them. Their purpose was to see the affected area of tsunami. According to them,they were so touched when they saw the place because it was really different from what they saw on television. They went to RikuzenTakata, and saw the Ippon Matsu, after that  they went straight to Ofunato where Pagasa members were waiting.We prepared Philippine foods that they enjoyed so much. At around 1:30 pm, the sharin started. Sugawara San, who was also there, shared his experiences during the tsunami and how he was affected by the increased attendance in the church because of Pagasa members. He also said,that it’s a big challenge to the Japanese to learn the “Ama Namin”that we usually sing during our mass. Erva Sugawara also shared her experiences last 3.11, that made our visitors cried. Fr.Haru and Fr.Edgar celebrated the mass and right, after the mass,the visitors shared the song they prepared 
for us 
Information from Erva Sugawara and Rose Marie Miura 
Written by Marife Sugawara

Thank You So Much

with Hirosaki community

In my absence, maybe you have seen that we have a new priest in the area. Fr. Edgar Gacutan, CICM, our former Provincial Superior went around the area to be with us. I would like to thank him personally for giving his time to replace me so that i can have my short vacation. I think most of us have met Fr. Edgar. We pray that as Fr. Edgar will continue his renewal program may he be guided by the Lord always. Than you so much.

in Ichinoseki Church

in Ofunato Church


Farewell Party of Fr. Morita
When Fr. Shiota announced that three priests are coming to Ofunato, there’s only one question that came into my mind. “ Why? “
It was October of 2011 when he arrived here in our place. We prepared a welcome party for the three priests actually, But for some reasons we don’t know , he came first. He will be staying with us for only six months , but when we asked him to extend his stay , our request was granted. He was extended for one more year. During his term, a lot of changes happened in our church ( Stella Marris Catholic Church )
t’s easy to enumerate them one by one, the changes and the accomplishments he made during his time. The laughters and tears that shed in our eyes. And I think one of the best accomplishment he made , when “ Pagasa was born “ .
Time passed by and one year and a half was over. It seems like how many months ago when we had our welcome party for him. And now, our farewell party for Fr.Morita. Last April 1 , when 30 members of Pagasa gathered to spend two hours with him . atleast. We had our lunch with him , tooked a lot of pictures , he played with the children for a while and all of a sudden he went to the entrance of the church where my friend Rosemarie was sitting. He sat beside my friend and said ,” せっかく子供達の名前まで覚えたのに”. I know that he was very sad that time. He was trying hard not to show it , but most of us felt it . After eating, we showed him the video , that I and my co leaders prepared. Ofcourse , with the help of my kumareng Maricel and her husband.
The video lasted for 38 minutes. In the slide, we showed the memories we had for one and a half year. And lastly. the video letter of the children he baptized and the one that he helped for the hospitlization. The children greeted him and some of them sung “Our father” in tagalog. While he was sitting, the children gave him flowers one by one and so with the leaders. The saddest moment. The sign of fulfillment and the sign of parting ways. 
And the finale, was the picture taking of the group with Fr.Morita.
Morita Naoki’s Journey to Ofunato and Rikuzen Takata.Time just passed by. And your journey was about to end. You helped us and guided us spiritually and you made it easy for us to live life peacefully. Memories linger and will remain forever. Pagasa is hoping that your heart remains here with us and hope you’ll never forget us. 
by Marife Sugawara