Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2015

For Our Reflection

Lentent Preparation

If you’ve been on a long trip you’ve seen the signs that point out when the next rest area is coming. Today, Shrove Tuesday, is the like the last “rest” area Catholics will have before the biggest, best rest area to come: Easter. The hard part is getting through those 40 long days.

I’m not good on long trips. I change the music constantly, I feel the need to stop at every rest area along the way to get out and stretch my legs. I’m the same way in life. For the most part, I change my interests constantly—my hobbies, my favorite movies and books, and especially how I pray. Lent, with its continuity is difficult to say the least. At the same time, the challenge is appealing because I feel that it helps me grow spiritually, and that, for me, is what life is all about.

So what am I doing for Lent this year? I have no idea. Yet. I’m hoping that something will strike me tonight as I indulge in the last stop before the long and winding road of sacrifice and contemplation begins.

One of the pictures I like to keep in my mind during Lent is of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane with Peter, James and John. While he prays, his three closest friends fall asleep. In Matthew 26:40, it says, “And he came to the disciples and found them sleeping. And he said to Peter, “So, could you not watch with me one hour?” It’s an odd picture to have during Lent, perhaps, of failure of the three disciples—but it is one of my favorite scenes in the Bible. It shows Jesus at one of his most human points, I think, scared, maybe a little angry or upset with his friends; but ready to accept what is coming ahead (His Crucifixion).

But I relate to the disciples. The go to pray with Jesus fully prepared to stay awake and be with him, but they fail. Jesus wakes them up and, in my mind pretty much says, “You couldn’t even do one thing and I’m going to die for you!?!” The disciples stay with Jesus, and especially fail another two times.

Why does this image mean so much to me? I think because it shows that we, like the disciples, are going to fail many times, maybe more so during these 40 days of Lent, but we can keep trying.

Lenten Recollection of Fr. Jhun Peralta, SVD in Ofunato

It was last february 21 when we had our Recollection ,Tagalog version. At first I had a little doubt when we planned this activity. Coz I'm not pretty sure if the members will participate since everyone were very busy. After this our Tagalog mass came after. We have 18 attendees including Sylvie Muller from Sendai who used to attend our activities here in Ofunato. Our invited priest, all the way from Akita Ken,Fr,Jun celebrated the mass that day.Thankful that I can say, that we had a successful recollection day.
By Marife Sugawara

Fr. Jhun Peralta, SVD, our recollection master

Mass in Ichinoseki with Fr. Edgar

2015 2/21 picture picture after mass with Father Edgar Natuwa nman c father sa dami ng umatend ng mass Tnx po sa nag share ng post ko bout sa Tagalog mass natin madami dn na new face Tnx po sa lahat lahat ng umatend ng mass sa mga friend na masipag Magyaya ng mga kaibigan para umatend ng mass Kitakita po ulit tayo 3/15 Saturday 2 pm po sa 3/1 Sunday 9:00 am po c Father Edgar dn po ang mag mimisa stin International mass po tayo minasan ganbate kite kudasai Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

By Lolita Moniwa

Block Rosary in Takata

Sharing from Sylvie

Saturday February 7th I participated to the Rosary in Rikuzentakata. After a long time we finally scheduled a trip there to participate and meet our friends. I went with Marie (also a French girl) for the all Week-End. The Rosary was hold to Haydee’s place. 13 people attended the prayer. We all gathered in a room and prayed this beautiful call of Love to our Mother Mary, perfectly leaded by Haydee. Once finished we “kampai” to friendship and had a Gorgeous Filipino Meal prepared with care and love by Haydee herself. We eat and laugh soo much. I really filled at ease and welcomed. This group is beautiful, we fill strength, link, friendship and love between them. And I filled as in my family. Hope to join soon again.