Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 2015


SOMETIMES A FEW MOMENTS of regulated breathing are enough to dispel an agitated state. Other times, we need to widen the gap between arousal and response—the emotion is too intense, the impulse to react goes too deep, the situation’s complexities cloud our vision.
At such times, we need more space in order to emerge from the rapids of reactivity and solidify our footing on the banks of grounded perspective. Catching our breath means taking a break. We need a time-out. We need to let settle the turmoil within. We can do this in multiple ways.
Change your location. Go for a walk, spend time in nature, find a quiet place to sit, take a drive, or take refuge in a sacred site—a chapel, mosque, temple, or monastery.
Engage your body. Do yoga, get a massage, take a bath, go for a run, ride a bike, throw clay, make music, dance, or draw.
Connect with a trusted person. Visit your therapist or spiritual director, talk with a friend, confide in a loved one, consult a mentor or spiritual teacher, seek counsel from a priest, pastor, rabbi, or imam.
Perform a spiritual practice. Pray, meditate, journal, repeat a mantra, walk a labyrinth, go on a retreat.
taken from Daily upper Room 

Hirosaki Filipino Community

June 16, we gathered together in Hiroaki Community for our monthly Novena and english mass. There were around 20 of us who are gathering to pray together and have a simple sharing.  We were lucky because most of us had our yasumi from our company so we were able to gather together for the mass.

Ichinoseki Mass

Fr. Edgar Celebrated the monthly mass at Ichinoseki Church. Since it was also a Fathers Day mass, the group had offered this mass for all the Fathers.

First Communion in Ofunato Church

Five children had their first communion in Ofunato church last June 7.  Fr. Shiota also joined us in our celebration.

Welcome Fr. Haru

Before he left for the Philippines to assume the work as formator, Fr. Haru took time to visit the Ofunato community and be with them for a week. It was a wonderful reunion after a year if being out of the country. Fr. Haru celebrated two Sunday masses with the community and even visit Hachinohe.  We pray for you always Fr. Haru and we hope to visit you in the Philippines.

during the mass in Ofunato Church

Terada Sensei post "The prodigal son and his father"