Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2013 NewsLetter


How Much Do We Know About Pope Francis?

As I return to Manila preparing for my  return trip, I happen to pass by MST (MaryHill School of Theology)  and found out that they were offering mission study series for two days. 

One of the speakers, Bishop Ambo David, professor in Scriptures gave a talk on Biblical Guidelines for the year of Faith, and the New Evangelization. As Bishop Ambo was introducing his seminar, he asks us if we are familiar with the Cardinal Bergoglio`s (now Pope Francis)  pre-conclave speech.  I have no idea what the bishop was talking and so with bits of information i got, I  researched and looked for that speech.

Reading through the framework in the pre-conclave speech of  Pope Francis, I could  see that he is the person for the ministry in our time.

The Pope summarizes four points the he wished to share to his brother cardinals and so share his vision of the church in present time.

"The first of these points is on evangelization, and he says that "the Church must come out of herself and go to the peripheries" not only in a geographic sense, but also the existential, manifested in the mystery of sin, pain, injustice and ignorance, among others. 

The second point is a criticism of the "self-referent" Church, which looks to herself in a sort of "theological narcissism," which separates her from the world and "keeps Jesus Christ within herself and does not allow Him to go out."

As a consequence of this, there are two images of the Church according to point three of Cardinal Bergoglio's address: one is the "evangelizing Church that comes out of herself" and another is "the worldly Church that lives in herself, of herself, for herself." And this twofold consideration must "give light to the possible changes and reforms that must be made" in the Church. 

In his last point, Cardinal Bergoglio spoke to the cardinals about what he expected from the one who would be elected to lead the Church: "a man who, from contemplation of Jesus Christ ... will help the Church to come out of herself toward the existential peripheries.""

Evangelization is a continuous call for us, we are challenged to go and proclaim the Good News. Evangelization is a center of our faith life. We are called not only to be hearers of the Word, but  are challenged too to be proclaimers and witnesses of the Word.


Congratulations to our 15 Newly Graduates from Watari Church 

&Graduation ceremoniesがミサの中で行われました。





We were indeed very happy to celebrate the Thanksgiving and Graduation Ceremonies of the group from Watari Catholic Church after they had completed their studies as care-givers last April 27, 2013.

The thanksgiving and graduation ceremonies was attended by their sponsor from Caritas Japan, their Japanese teachers from CTVC - Caritas Haramach Base, Christians from Watari Church and their friends from Sendai City. Fr. Edgar Gacutan, the former CICM provincial superior, celebrated the mass and Fr. Antonius Harnoko, parish priest of Ofunato Catholic Church gave the certificate of completion to all the 15 graduates.

From November last year when they started their Japanese language study, to their schooling as helper in January and their actual training in February, they have been doing their best in between their busy schedules with their work, taking care of children, and writing their reports in Japanese. 

After the mass, they brought with them their best dishes for everybody to share and it was a great moment to enjoy the company of everyone and celebrate the success especially those who decided to work in one or two places in a care-giving homes near Watari.

This care-giving studies is not only to get skills  for themselves, but also be for their family, and the society where they are to give care to the growing number of elderly in the country.

By Aiko Hayashi, Sendai Support Center 

EVENTS From Different Communities


FilCom SENDAI First Bowling Tournament 

Last May 26, 2013, on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, the Philippine Community (FilCom Sendai) of Sendai Japan gathered for their first bowling tournament in Sendai Sunshine Bowling. This marks the first event and gathering after the group had elected the new officers. 

The bowling tournament was also a chance to meet new members and to gather the other members for a relaxing get together. It is also hope that these gathering will be a venue for interaction and sharing. 

To all the winners of our first bowling tournament congratulations!!! Congratulations too to the new officers for the job well done. We hope to see more participation of members in our upcoming events of the FilCom Sendai.

By Marialara  Roxas Kikuchi, FilCom Sendai

Aomori Ken

Hello everybody kumusta po kayong lahat. We the Filipinos group in Hirosaki community continuing our devotion to OUR MOTHER HELP every 2nd Wednesday of the month.  We are praying rosary, novena , and celebrate  Tagalog mass .

We are very grateful to all of the priests for coming all the way from Ofunato Iwate ken who give their effort ,love and care even to us . Thank you also to Fr. Garry na isinama mo po ang hirosaki community sa blogspot ng Sendai Diocese, We are very proud and we need more prayers and for the success of our community.


By Pat Quilo-an, Hirosaki Catholic Church, Aomori Ken


                                                            TRIP TO OSAKA

         Please allow me to tell you a story. A story of unity, sincerity, hospitality, humility and cooperation in a community. And this' how it goes.
        We were invited by Sakai Catholic Church of Osaka to visit them and at the same time
attended the International mass. We were all 46 who went to Osaka last May 18 and 19. 
      We were into two groups. One group took the flight from Sendai Airport and the other took it from Hanamaki Airport. When we arrived in Itami airport, we immediately saw men wearing Pagasa T-shirts. We found out that the priests and some Sakai church members were there to picked us up and  brought us to a place where we  had our lunch and sightseeing. 
       Then the time to go to Sakai church, before we entered the church they asked us to stop and wait for the other members to arrive. When we're all there they gave us the sign to walk and when we reached the gate of the church  the parishioners were clapping their hands and cheering  welcoming us.  
         The children prepared a song whuch we were asked to introduce ourselves. Then the party started . Japanese and Filipino dishes were served. The parishioners of Sakai church entertained us very well. No dull moments.  The party ended with a "MACARENA" dance in which all are invited to dance together to the tune.
          The next day , Fr. Kanda guided us in Osaka's castle. After that we went to the cathedral. There we saw many people from different nations. I started to became nervous. Telling myself,” I'm going to speak in front of this people”. But I have to do it for the sake of my Pag-Asa members.
         The international mass was very interesting. Yamaura sensei was asked to make his speech first. The brilliant doctor did it excellently. I was amazed. Wondering if all doctors can do the same speech as he did. Then my turn to speak, my heart started to beats faster but that was only for how many seconds. When I started to talk , I gave it to the fullest.. I delivered my speech the way I want it to be. And I was not disappointed  because I saw the emotions on their faces. And I made some of them cried.
         After the mass, the event outside the church started  booths from different countries selling their products and foods were lined up. It was raining that afternoon , but  the rain  won't people from attending the event. Since it was raining they continued the program inside the church. Again , performers from different countries showed their talents and we were asked to sing. We sung... “Itta no kuni no Haru, Furusato and Ama Namin”.
         Time of our departure. When we left the church, each one of us was supported by umbrellas just to make sure that we will not get wet. Looking at them, they sacrificed so much for us. They offered everything for us. What more can we asked for. Inside the bus, the bishop made his last speech . From the bus  we  looked down  and saw some of them crying while waving their hands under the rain. They were all wet but they didn't even care to show us how much they care . This is the story of  our trip in Osaka.  

          I asked the reactions of the Pagasa members who went in Osaka , and this is what they said...
this is in no particular order..

" Walking with Fr.Kanda was the most unforgettable one. He was the one guiding us and showed us the castle. It was a long walk. I wanted to asked him ,” Why do we have to take the long way , when there is a short cut?” . I really hate walking but during that time I enjoyed it.  "     

Cherrie Kon

         " Cooperation. You can see and feel that every one cooperated , between the filipinos and the japanese. The unity was there. No descrimination at all."

Rosalinda Nakanome

"I am very thankful that they welcome me in their group. I am no filipino but they treated me as if i'm one of them. About Osaka, I felt different when I saw a lot of people. I was relieved. The most interesting part was, the priests were dancing “Macarena”. I laughed so much. “Thank you very much” was all I can say."
Hortensia Murakami

          "The food were excellent. They were very good in entertaining guests.And when we had our walk with Fr.Kanda, I asked him,” Is the cathedral far from here?” and he replied,” No, it's only 20 minutes from here.” But we've been walking for almost 30 minutes already and we're still in the middle of the park. I told him”Osaka's 20 minutes is 40 minutes for Tohoku people”then he just laughed."

  Susan Kinno

          "Everything was memorable. But the most unforgettable one was when we had our party that saturday Sakai church. When we had to go to the hotel to check in , but before we left the church, they made an archway by their hands , leading us to our exit. They were cheering “Goodluck”  and that was touching. And it made me cried."

 Maricel Hatakeyama

"They were all friendly and hospitable. They planned everything even the foods, they were all delicious. I ate a lot. Really!! hahahaha The macaroni salad I keep on coming back."
Lea Chida
    "No regrets at all. It was such a fun. The party , the mass and 
there was this family who drove to the airport just to say goodbye to us.I was so touched .They didn't left until we entered the departure  area. "                                  
                                                                                                                                                                             Maritess Sugiyama

  "When we arrived, many members of the Sakai parishioners welcomed us with open arms . They were clapping and cheering. They were crying and seeing that, made me cried ,too."
Sarah Trogani

         " Everyone was friendly. They were all kind. Even the priests, they were all great . The food ….wow , there's nothing I can say. I enjoyed so much. “本当にありがとうございました。

 Maritess Yokosawa


   " I was with my two kids. We enjoyed so much. Specially the food. The people, they were all nice. And it was very touching , the atmosphere and the acceptance , you can really feel it."

Mitch Takahashi

          "I was very honored that me and my daughter were able to joined the trip. There's no language barrier . Even though they came from different nationalities, they were united. And you can feel the sacrament of the Lord."

 Angie Suzuki

  "Super! They were all united. There's no descrimination.Maybe it's because the japanese catholic around them have good hearts. Specially the food, they were all delicious. They still prepared our take homes so that we have something to eat in the hotel. Typical pilipino culture “Take home”. Hahahaha. They were all generous and the presentations from start to end...Super Excellent."
 Ruby Mori

 " I was so touch for the warm welcome they gave us."
   Haydee Kaiyama

"They've said it all. Really from the bottom of my heart thank you so much."

Sally Murakami


" The preparations were great. It seems like were V.I.P's ( very
important persons) walking on the red carpet . Do you know what I mean? We' re like superstars. “Thank you,Osaka. Memories that we                                                                                                                         will never forget.” LOVE YOU..."

 Erva Sugawara

            That's it. They've said it all. No more no less. The most unforgettable trip we ever had. One of the memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.       
             Long live OSAKA!!!

   by: Marife Sugawara

Let Us Pray for Mary Ann Shimizu

I would like to inform all friends of Mary Ann Shimizu , she passed away today and her body is in the Philippines .. 

Sis thank you sa friendship and for being part of our group , and we are happy because yung last day mo dito sa church after mass kahit hirap kang maglakad at nahihilo ka pinilit mong sumama sa amin at sabi mo "gusto mong maki bonding tayo lahat and kasama ka for the last time before ka umuwi ng Pilipinas " We will surely miss you sis .. From all of us hear our prayers:
Lord, in Your mercy, bring us to Your place of peace and light the soul of your servant Mary Ann Shimizu whom You have summoned from this world. Call her to be numbered in the fellowship of Your saints. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen... Eternal Rest grant unto Mary Ann Shimizu o Lord , and Let Perpetual light shine upon her ,May she Rest and Peace ..AMEN ....

by Thess Blas Aguirre, in her Facebook post informing us of the passing of our Sister Mary Ann Shimizu last June 1, 2013

The last time I met Mary Ann was last March during the recollection in Shirakawa. She did not attend our recollection due to her condition. She ask me to bless their marriage and so I ask Fr. Harnoko if he can do it. We did the blessing in the hospital. The nurses had prepared a room for  to be use as a chapel. It was a simple yet meaningful celebration especially for Mary Ann. She and Mr. Shimizu were full of joy to share the blessing of their marriage. I will always treasure that joy she always beam even every time I meet her.
Let us offer our prayers for her.